GO:0035384: thioester biosynthetic process (Biological process)

"The chemical reactions and pathways resulting in the formation of a thioester, a compound of general formula RC(=O)SR' in which the linking oxygen in an ester is replaced by a sulfur atom. They are the product of esterification between a carboxylic acid and a thiol." [CHEBI:51277, GOC:bf, http://encyclopedia.thefreedictionary.com/Thioester]

There are 564 sequences with this label.

Enriched clusters
Name Species % in cluster p-value corrected p-value action
Cluster_115 Arabidopsis thaliana 2.65 % 1.8e-05 0.000451
Cluster_154 Arabidopsis thaliana 1.68 % 0.001388 0.006109
Cluster_31 Arabidopsis thaliana 0.83 % 0.005493 0.025535
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