Expression profile for LOC_Os04g37470.1 (LOC_Os04g37470.1)

Description : Deoxymugineic acid synthase 1-D OS=Triticum aestivum (sp|a0a1x9qhj0|dms1d_wheat : 315.0) & Enzyme classification.EC_1 oxidoreductases.EC_1.1 oxidoreductase acting on CH-OH group of donor(50.1.1 : 197.8)

Condition Specificity: Leaf (drought-stress, 3 days) (SPM: 0.37, entropy: 3.46, tau: 0.71)
Tissue Specificity: Leaf (SPM: 0.56, entropy: 2.73, tau: 0.52)

All conditions

Tissue Specificity

Note: SPM calculations for this profile are done using the maximum value.