Expression profile for Solyc04g048960.1.1 (Solyc04g048960.1.1)

Attention: This gene has low abundance.

Description : Enzyme classification.EC_1 oxidoreductases.EC_1.1 oxidoreductase acting on CH-OH group of donor(50.1.1 : 209.7) & Geraniol dehydrogenase 1 OS=Ocimum basilicum (sp|q2knl6|gedh1_ociba : 179.0)

Condition Specificity: Seeds (20 DPA) (SPM: 0.49, entropy: 2.6, tau: 0.87)
Tissue Specificity: Seeds (SPM: 0.65, entropy: 2.95, tau: 0.68)

All conditions

Tissue Specificity

Note: SPM calculations for this profile are done using the maximum value.