GO:0000176: nuclear exosome (RNase complex) (Cellular component)

"A ribonuclease complex that has 3-prime to 5-prime processive and distributive hydrolytic exoribonuclease activity and endoribonuclease activity, producing 5-prime-phosphomonoesters. Participates in a multitude of cellular RNA processing and degradation events preventing nuclear export and/or translation of aberrant RNAs. Restricted to processing linear and circular single-stranded RNAs (ssRNA) only. RNAs with complex secondary structures may have to be unwound or pre-processed by co-factors prior to entering the complex, esp if the 3-prime end is structured." [PMID:17174896, PMID:20531386, PMID:26726035]

There are 532 sequences with this label.

Enriched clusters
Name Species % in cluster p-value corrected p-value action
Cluster_175 Gingko biloba 0.61 % 0.003994 0.023908
Cluster_706 Zea mays 50.0 % 0.000144 0.003896
Cluster_216 Zea mays 0.43 % 0.016862 0.043693
Cluster_110 Marchantia polymorpha 0.51 % 0.010144 0.038321
Cluster_520 Picea abies 0.92 % 0.001636 0.035171
Cluster_141 Oryza sativa 0.53 % 0.004456 0.016824
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